about us


Rozendal Partners was founded by Wilhelm Hertzog, Jan Louw and Paul Whitburn in 2017. We established Rozendal Partners to manage our own capital, as well as that of family, friends and other like-minded investors. Our aim is to compound capital at high rates over long periods of time while limiting the risk of loss to prudent levels.

the interests of our fellow investors are paramount

Placing the interests of investors in the Rozendal funds first is of utmost importance to us. We want Rozendal Partners as a firm to prosper with our investors, not off our investors. To this end, we have structured the firm in a way that we trust has the best prospect of creating good long-term outcomes for our investors. Incentives drive behaviour and we have strived to align all the critical aspects of Rozendal Partners with the goal of delivering long term investment excellence. The mindset we bring to our activities is one of partnership with our fellow investors – hence our name.